When we say “we love what we do”, we really mean it! Designing and operating hotels is our passion, and we want to share that passion with you. Seva Hospitality’s hands-on Planning Team will help you navigate through a range of complex planning processes by managing all of the details associated with your hospitality development, from initial site evaluation and brand feasibility to certificate of occupancy.
We know meticulous analysis and preparation is the secret to any successful development. That’s why we focus on delivering a full - service experience to assist with every step of your hotel project, from conception to completion. The Seva Hospitality team optimizes quality and efficiency at every stage of your construction project, and we have the skills necessary to tackle the special requirements of hotel development. We are advocates of social responsibility and assist in the analysis of where social responsibility generates a positive return-on-investment! We take pride in being at the forefront of green initiatives and technology, while understanding there’s always a balance. Our professionals work to ensure each project delivers savings, while minimizing changes in scope and added cost.

Our design services go beyond defining structural and spatial requirements. We go to great lengths to understand the purpose and use of the spaces we design, as well as the social and cultural considerations of the people who will use them. We are a leader among development firms because we skillfully reconcile these important factors with functional and budgetary requirements. With a team so dedicated and cohesive, you benefit with cost estimating and reconstruction that begins with design, resulting in fewer change orders and lower costs. Our clients trust us as an expert hospitality development firm.

Planning and Zoning
• Zoning ordinance compliance
• Architectural guidelines and standards
• State and local planning requirements
• Due diligence evaluation
• Appropriate land planning
• Civil engineering, surveying and soil analysis
• Site preparation, excavation and utility access
Architecture and Design
• Site planning and concept design based on operations experience
• Prototype application
• Brand standards audit and implementation
• Rendering development
• Green-Initiatives Analysis
• FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) design, development, and coordination
• MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and mechanical design engineering
• Future needs analysis
• Technology Implementation
• Landscaping architecture
• Detailed site qualification, zoning, and budget estimates
• Minimal change orders resulting from a detailed
pre-construction effort
• Rigorous subcontractor qualification and bidding
• Ongoing project milestone reviews
• Preparation for Opening Day
• Detailed “Punch-out” processing